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Sitecore Content Hub - Reset Password for Mixed Users (SSO + CH Credentials)

I recently encountered a situation where users who had their accounts created directly in Content Hub and also logged in through Sitecore SSO faced difficulties when attempting to reset their Content Hub credentials. The issue stemmed from the fact that the reset password button disappeared after a user signed in using SSO. In this blog post, we will delve into this problem and provide a detailed guide on how to address it. When a regular user tries to reset their password, they typically see the following interface: However, after the same user logs in via Sitecore SSO, the interface undergoes a transformation and ends up looking like this: Sitecore Content Hub offers users the option to sign in using their Content Hub credentials or their Sitecore Authentication. In theory, users should still be able to reset their regular Content Hub credentials even when logged in through SSO. However, due to the disappearance of the Reset Password button, the only way to achieve this is through t