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Sitecore - Extending Coveo results with CoveoProcessParsedRestResponseArgs

There are some cases where we need to modify, on the fly, the results that Coveo gives us for certain queries. In order to achieve this, we will tap into the coveoProcessParsedRestResponse pipeline. First, we need to modify the  Coveo.SearchProvider.Rest.Custom.cfg  and add our new processor:  <configuration xmlns:patch=""> <sitecore> <pipelines> <coveoProcessParsedRestResponse> <processor type="XXX.XXX.XXX.RecommendationsProcessor, XXX.XXX.XXX" /> </coveoProcessParsedRestResponse> </pipelines> </sitecore> </configuration> Let's now create the processor we specified on the patch above, this processor will be in charge of modifying the results, it should look something like this: public class RecommendationsProcessor : IProcessor<CoveoProcessParsedRestResponseArgs> { public void Process(CoveoProcessPars