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Sitecore Guest Speaker - UDLA

Back in January, I was invited to Universidad de las Américas (UDLA) to give a talk about Sitecore to Computer Science Students (for the second year in a row!): The talk was focused on letting students know about the Sitecore Platform and how it is used around the world to build amazing web experiences for very demanding clients! It's important to keep in mind that the audience was 3rd-year students with basic knowledge of Content Management Systems, therefore, the topics covered were not very advanced. Some of the topics covered were: Launchpad Databases Templates Items Renderings Personalization Scheduled Tasks User Manager Access Viewer Content Editor Experience Editor Marketplace Developer Trial License The goal of these talks I intend to give twice a year (every year) is to let the young generations know what Sitecore is and its benefits. This is an ongoing effort on technically evangelizing computer science students in Ecuador so that when they graduate